Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2008 VBS Monday

Donna was one of Gabe's teachers again, and they still have a soft spot for each other. She wasn't there all week this time, though, because she left for a mission trip to Africa.
Our friend Landon will be in kindergarten this year!
My friend Lisa was in charge of our music group (we taught the music sessions each day and led the music during the morning chapel time).
Showing off the lovely hats are Colleen, (our token college kid) and Georgianna

Sabine took good care of the little ones in the nursery (this is my friend Kara's son Bowe).Paloma was in another room, so into the book she didn't know I was there.
My friend Angie was remarking about how crazy it was that everything went smoothly the first morning (and she's one of the directors).

This cracked me up: because there was a beach theme, we passed buckets instead of offering plates, which made the preschool kids on the front few rows all want to touch and look in the buckets, so it took forever to pass it around.
Carmen was supposed to be in a group with her friend Ashley (Nesha's niece) and her friend Carson, but unfortunately neither of them were able to attend this year, so she seemed a little lonely at times.
Eva was fine, though.
And another college kid in the nursery helped keep Angie's twin nephews (as well as our friend Chandler, in her lap).
Paloma got to do a lot of fun things including playing in the sandbox.
Our friend Ryan was in her group some of the time, but he was always on the lookout for his mom Robin.
Meanwhile in our group, we played musical chairs with the kids after we taught and sang.
One of our ministers, Pastor Rick, did the music at the end of the day chapel.

Gabriel's friend (who signed up with him) this year was Camden, whose parents were out of town on a vacation they won.

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